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If you did not originally apply to the school during regular admissions, I would say feel free to use a good portion of your old PS in your new one some parts may need to be tweaked of course.

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If you have bad softs, you might get rejected at a few places, but you should still get in somewhere if you spread your transfer applications around to enough schools and are a generally competitive applicant grades-wise.

Lastly, Washington University St. I am confident that Fordham University is where I belong. UVA — optimal deadline is June 15 Remember that GULC is very transfer-friendly and takes quite of bit of people early on if they have the numbers.

Some professors will want weeks, so try to do this early before grades come out if you have to. I have never heard of anyone being able to negotiate a scholarship at their new school, even if they really wanted to go to Michigan but were accepted at Harvard or something. Also, pay attention to the due dates!

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The courses must be either typical first-year courses or law school courses in which an upper level student would receive credit at UK Law. Geographical Preferences — where you want to work and whether you have a spouse there 3.

Communication and ability to get things done — This may not be common but there are incredibly intelligent yet absent-minded professors out there. If there is a particular program you are interested in, talk about why.

Work completed at the previous law school is generally accepted at the credit value awarded at the previous school. I chose my professors very carefully and assumed they would say yes. Unlike early action for regular admissions into law school, the requirements for early action transfers are stricter.


Do not worry about too much about soft factors. There are just far too many possibilities when it comes to these factors. To transfer into HYS you need: Berkeley saves about 5 spots and Loyola saves about 6 spots.Here is a personal statement from last year’s transfer cycle we think worked very well.

The results were equally strong, 1 (top 6) school applied to, 1 (top 6) admit. The dissolution of Dewey & LeBoeuf in led to my realization that the law is like classical music. Advice for Transferring to Another Law School. Why? Well, first of all, only a few people from each law school may decide to transfer.

The transferring population is just miniscule compared to normal admissions process. Second, law schools themselves face a conflict of interest. Personal statement/LORs/Dean’s Certificate: These.

For law students who plan on transferring schools, writing a law school transfer personal statement is a must. The personal statement is different from your resume because here you have more freedom to write about the skills and experiences you’ve acquired that fit the law school.

May 10,  · Board index Law School Admissions Law School Personal Statements; Law School Transfer Essay (Personal Statement Examples, Advice, Critique,) 17 posts • Page 1 of 1. Zazelmaf Law School Transfer Essay. Post by Zazelmaf» Tue May 10, pm. Thank you again.

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I have followed your advice and have changed things around a bit. Transferring Law Schools: How I Jumped Ship. November 7, Keys to a Successful Law School Transfer Application. Here’s how I transferred in a nutshell: Personal Statement.

Transfer Applicants

All of the schools that I applied to requested transfer applicants to include a personal statement. Each personal statement prompt requested that I, as an applicant. Transferring Law Schools: Three Things You Need To Know.

(higher ranked) law school. So if you want to transfer, how do you put yourself in the best position to get into the school of your dreams? Here is a quick and short guide to what you need to do: personal statement, 2 letters of recommendation from law school professors, your.

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Personal statement for law school transfer
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