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Group of excavated artifacts recovered from the winter camp of the 51st Alabama Cavalry located near Fosterville, Tennessee. The hat pin was missing one tip when recovered, and that has been restored for display. Excellent Mid examination, excavated, Confederate Cavalry spur recovered from a Confederate Cavalry camp on private property in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

This musket tool was excavated over 30 years ago from private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, by Dr. It appears that Mid examination of Gen. This was recovered many years ago on private property near Fort Donelson, TN.

This tag belonged to West Morton. Included is, 1 a sword belt plate keeper, 2 a brass sword belt adjuster buckle, 3 a two-piece brass sword hanger hook. The Bible Content Examination assesses general knowledge of Mid examination Bible and its themes.

Group of four excavated wedding rings recovered by Dr. While the uniqueness of a complete record of friction ridge skin detail is generally undisputed, the extension of that premise to partial and degraded impressions has become a central issue of debate.

It is very nicely displayed in a walnut display case. This is an early era battlefield pickup and is in such nice condition the rowel will still turn. Beautiful condition, excavated set of brass cufflinks and a rare "Eagle motif" portion of a private purchase military watch fob. They seemed to know that they would die.

This spur was recovered on private property from Camp Stanley, which was the Federal Cavalry winter camp here at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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Both sides of the flask are present, but are separated at the seam. This piece would make a fine centerpiece for any Texas Cavalry display.

Both the CS mark on the rear of the spur and the raised star on each side can be boldly seen by anyone from across the room with cataracts. Cavalry camp located near Altamont, TN.

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This spur was found about 30 years ago in a log out-building on private property near Shiloh. At first, she could only move her left leg, and one month thereafter, she was once again able to move her right.

Very nice condition excavated cast brass Federal cavalry spur. Two partial excavated Confederate cast brass cavalry spurs that were recovered years ago from A Confederate Cavalry camp on private property located near Corinth, Mississippi.

In the heat of battle it is much quicker to change out the entire lockplate assembly rather than replace the broken mainspring.

This spur was recovered from the camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry. Quite rare to recover and super hard to find when you need one pair of excavated waist belt plate "brass hooks".

This is one of the nicest examples that I have ever seen recovered. The iron rowel is not only still intact, but will turn. One man seemed terribly annoyed. This artifact will need to picked up here at the store for a couple of reasons.

When I told my parents I was living in the Swedish capital, they thought of the drugs and the sex and told me to come home at once. It is displayed in a very creative manner showing exactly what occurred. The grouping consists of a soldiers brass lice comb, a soldiers brass wedding band, and a Confederate worn, "star pattern", civilian floral button.

Then I think maybe I should not have survived at all. The first item is the "hooking device" out of the back of an early pattern "puppy paw hook" US Oval waist belt plate. One, and the most obvious, is that it is freaking huge, measuring approximately 4 feet by almost 2 feet.

All three items are displayed in a glass riker case. Excavated folding "box-end" Springfield combination gun tool. This musket buttplate was recovered years ago in a crop field here at Stones River that is now the upscale "Avenues" mall.

This barrel is a Model converted from flint. The musket has been intentionally disabled by wrapping it around a tree.

Broken, excavated, regulation, Federal Cavalry horse bit with cast brass "U. Extremely rare to find, a beautiful excavated matching set of "Allegheny Arsenal - 1" Federal regulation issue, cast brass, cavalry spurs.

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Excavated, heavy cast brass, Confederate Cavalry spur.Social Stats Gwen Lehloenya(Acting Deputy Director-General) [email protected] Neo Nghenavo (Director) [email protected] This page lists the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) assessment report templates and documents used for the assessment of any new drug application in the centralised procedure.

The documents provide general guidance on the evaluation of the quality, non-clinical and clinical aspects of new drug applications and extension.

Disclaimer: The translation into various languages is provided for the benefit of visitors. JNTUH is not responsible for any wrong interpretations/mistakes.

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The Office for Product Safety and Standards (Safety & Standards) issues type examination certificates under the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) to manufacturers of measuring instruments.

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Mid Atlantic Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Jacksonville, NC, is committed to providing exceptional services for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Rooftop Anchor was established by a team of solution-minded professionals well versed in fall protection and rooftop work environments.

Having spent years using fall protection equipment themselves, the founders were confident that they could deliver industry-leading solutions to enhance worker access while improving safety.

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