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Even the term Big Brother blurs reality. The coral can also represent the love that Winston and Julia have for each other. The subjects tackled by Orwell in the novel are indeed complicated and dangerous. By "chance," Winston meets Julia.

By controlling the present, the Party is able to manipulate the past. It could also be seen as representing a link to the proles that Winston finds himself drawn to at various points in the novel. Room takes you back to one of the very simple aspects of human character, fear. Orwell also uses the Golden Country as a symbol.

The Party does not allow individuals to keep records of their past, such as photographs or documents. The Party uses these terms in an attempt to attract members and distort their thoughts. This is an example of Orwell using symbolism to refer to one of the main themes of the book, propaganda.

Inthe Cold War had not yet escalated, many American intellectuals supported communism, and the state of diplomacy between democratic and communist nations was highly ambiguous.

Places such as Victory Towers are good examples of this. These symbols are important to a deeper understanding of the book and its purpose. When this is considered, it is clear that he is at odds with the world he lives in from the very beginning of the book, and that his rebellion is the natural process for him.

This is a symbol of irony. Different symbols like the character names, the paperweight, and the rhymes add a complex but rewarding aspect to the novel. Orwell uses these images throughout the novel and it creates the sense of erosion that would be associated with this world.

She only removes it to do her "duty to the Party.

Symbolism in 1984

The name Winston was probably picked with Winston Churchill in mind. Both the love between the couple and the paperweight are the last remnants of the lost age, and eventually, the Party destroys them both.

The beauty and wholeness of the paperweight shatters along with the relationship. And in controlling the past, the Party can justify all of its actions in the present.Unit 3: A Struggle for Freedom Activity 8: Literary Essay Brittany Ennis ENG3U Mrs.

King July 19th, In the book by George Orwell, there is a lot of symbolism that represents one major themes of the book. Symbolism in The language in is symbolic of the Party's manipulation of its members. The development of Newspeak, although seeming to improve the civilization, depletes thought, creativity, and individualism in its speakers.

Symbol Essay In: Novels Submitted By banisha Words Pages 3. A symbol is an object, action, or event that represents something or that creates a range of associations beyond itself. Symbols In by George Orwell, there are a few examples of important symbols throughout the book, all meaning different things. George Orwell, continuously presents obstacles to its characters through the use of Big Brother and the society he has establishes. Winston Smith, the main character in the novel, consequently undergoes various changes symbolic in not only his actions and thoughts but many of his surrounding objects.3/5(5).

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A summary of Themes in George Orwell's Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. InOrwell makes excellent use of symbolism to further enhance the novel’s themes.

Orwell wrote as a political message to warn future generations about the dangers of totalitarian societies.

Essays on 1984 symbolism
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