Cultural homogenization thesis

In the second critique above, we see that other Western cultures have arisen as cultural powers from the remains of colonialism. Audiences were attracted by its novel and exciting competition mode.

This can also lead to the media cultural homogenization. This is partly because other Western nations, such as the United Kingdom and France, retain a special cultural relationship with their former recent colonies, affecting patterns of migration, sport, food, and religious practice, as well as many public cultural assumptions Cultural homogenization thesis into law and politics.

With the end of the Cold War, international politics move out of its Western phase, and its centerpiece becomes the interaction between the West and non-Western civilizations and among non-Western civilizations.

It had high click rating in the YouTube and achieved a great success in the world wide media industry. It is good for the world famous media firms to expand their markets in different countries to extract profit.

As a consequence, the power of political constraint on economic activities and global trade barrier has strongly weakened. First of all, it is important to analyze the definition of the concept of culture. Another concept that is linked to the hybridization process is creolization, which is referred to the idea of a combination of languages and cultures that were previously unintelligible to one another.

Hollywood movies created visual miracle and achieve large box-office profits one after another in China, even around the world.

Globalization and Cultural Homogenization Essay

The second theory is cultural hybridization, which emphasizes the mixing of cultures as a result of globalization and produces new and unique hybrid cultures that are not reducible to either local or global culture.

It is easier for people to get media sources from different countries online for entertainment. With the rapid development of scientific technology, IMAX and 3D technology has been used in the film industry.

As a consequence, globalization makes media cultural homogenization a general form in media programs. No Comments Nowadays the global flows of culture tend to move easier around the globe through the new non-material digital forms. The cultural impact of India on the British empire was less powerful, yet intercultural exchange in areas of religion, culture, and politics did occur, generating syncretic forms of cultural life.

In all, cultural diversity still exist between different cultures, the concept of globalization could not be totally equal to the cultural homogenization and cultural diversity still exist between different cultures.

McWorld, Ballantine Books, This is because of the failure of the most widespread theories to adequately explain the diversity and complexity of global cultural development.

National TV station also promotes to make the popular TV shows in order to improve the audience rating. That directly leads to the animate of games from different video game corporations such as the Xbox in Software, the Wii and NDS in Nintendo.

Globalization's Cultural Consequences

Then Huntington analyzes the relation between the West and these other two civilizations, foresees serious clashes between these cultures, particularly between the West and the Islamic civilization, which he describes as inclined toward violent conflict.

The technologies further promote the Americanization in the world film field. Most of them were Hollywood movies. Indeed, it refers not only to the link that a distinct culture has with each country in the world, but it represents the thoughts of a community that is large enough to self-sustain.

The theory is defined as the process by which the principles of fast-food restaurants, such as efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control, are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society, as well as the rest of the world.

Nowadays, icons such as Microsoft, Motorola, Yahoo! Muslim girls wear the scout garb to take part in that institution, reducing the tension in the interaction with non-Muslims and leading to The Girl Scouts to adopt some Muslim traditions.

Cultural homogenization and the Internet - Research Paper Example

Globalization leads to the media market dominated by particular corporations. The trend of cultural homogenization is unavoidable especially in the media industry in the process of globalization. Evidence of this includes the predominance of cricket over baseball in India, or the Coca-Cola consumed in the former French Congo, which is bottled in Europe where the French-speaking Congolese look for cultural status.

Take Japanese anime as an example. She concludes that it is not so much cultural homogenization, but a global localization. However, this is still focused, perhaps too greatly, on the Western world as containing the cultural powers that are shaping the rest of the world.

In order to satisfy the visual need for the Chinese game player,some Chinese on-line game producers also put anime elements in their games.

Cultural homogenization

I believe that I should do a different portrait of him now if I could paint. Therefore, hybridization is a term that underlines the diversity associated with the unique mixtures of the global and the local as opposed to the tendency toward uniformity often associated with globalization. While polarization is rooted in the idea of lasting differences among and between cultures, and hybridization emphasizes differences resulting from the interaction of the global and the local, homogenization is based on the notion that globalization tends to lead to an increased sameness throughout the world.

According to Grindstaff"textual analysis" is a strand of interpretivist work that includes the study of A. Although the influence of this program in different countries are not the same, but the forms them themselves have strong homogeneous performance, the entire process of the programs from the beginning of the match to the final results are the same form which are borrowed from the western countries.

Because of its exciting story and exquisite character, it has large amounts of fans around the world. According to Grindstaffthe majority of contemporary pop culture scholarship is tied to the media, especially television, due to A.Globalization has been associated with a range of cultural consequences.

These can be analyzed in terms of three major theses, namely, homogenization, polarization, and hybridization. The homogenization thesis proclaims that global culture is becoming standardized around a Western or American pattern. While some evidence supports.

Homogenization thesis. 16]there is much to be said of the homogenization thesis provided that it is viewed in a dynamic and ever-changing way.

Mcworld, then, promises to bind us together through consumption of so-called “cultural” commodities, while jihad promises liberation from the capitalistic characteristic of consumption and greed through tribal.

The cultural imperialism thesis originally referred to the imposition of political ideologies. A later ver - between cultural homogenization and cultural het - erogenization.’ This suggests that neither outcome Theories concerning processes of cultural globalization: Cultural flows Cultural networks Impediments to flows: cultural.

According to Holton (), homogenization of culture thesis rests on the assumption that the global culture follows the global economy and has resulted in convergence toward a common set of cultural traits and practices/5(K).

The homogenization thesis, according to Holton, provided it is regarded in a dynamic way, has much to be said for it, but it is liable to a range of criticisms and limitations.

First, the firm association of cultural globalization with Americanization is overstated.

Does globalization homogenize, polarize or hybridize culture?

May 23,  · Culture and Globalization: Polarization, Homogenization, Hybridization [Part 2] This section will begin with a survey of the polarization thesis, followed by an overview of the homogenization thesis, and concluding with an outline of the hybridization thesis.

Cultural homogenization, if there is such a thing, is not as simple.

Cultural homogenization thesis
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